Almost 8 hours have passes without seeing her

I was thinking about her, the moment in which even my heart shows its existence by beating hard.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, it was a call from her.

I know even she was thinking about me, the excitement in her voice answered my question.

The voice was clear and neatly heard, revealing her state of mind, happiness.

She asked me to meet her at our meeting point on terrace at 8.00 pm.

I went to our meeting spot by 7.30 and I was waiting for her

She came at 7.40, we both reaches prior than the actual meeting time, revealing our desperation to meet.

She was in her red top and white leggings, while I was in my white shirt and blue jeans.

It was exactly at that moment when I looked into her eyes, There was love and we both fell for each other again.