How many have you started thinking about the wave sitting on the sea shore?
If yes then what is this wave all about?
Is it just a wave or is it made up of something else that makes it different?

I was a wave born in the middle of an ocean
I travelled miles together without a halt to reach my destination
Sometimes I was up and other times I was down
Occasionally I travelled against the wind
Periodically the sun and moon exchanged their positions
Often I travelled fast and there were times I was slower than the snail
Frequently the ships that were travelling use to slash me into pieces
Yet I continued my journey
And then one day I reached my destiny-the seashore
After ebbing the seashore it broke me down and I was never a wave again,
After many efforts, this is what love does to us.

Like how I write about all the things in nature
I compare them with her
She becomes the theme of my entire writings
She just makes my poetry alive again.