What does writing do to you?

Writing is a medium of human communication that represents feelings of an individual either in a descriptive, creative or poetic manner.

For me, writing is all about describing the beauty of nature in a creative and poetic way.


Mental and social benefits of writing:

  1. At the end of the day by writing I have so many written memories probably much more than a photo album.
  2. It makes me happier by fighting against anxiety and depression.
  3. Writing reduces the mental aging by increasing the creative and productivity of my brain.
  4. It helps in learning new things about life,love and mother nature.
  5. Writing helps me in expressing my feelings without mentioning the name of the individual.
  6. It helps in clearing the mind by interfering with the thinking process.
  7. Writing helps me in describing the beauty of an individual, sculpture or a mountain in the most beautiful way possible.
  8. It’s a great mental exercise to revise, rewrite and recreate memories.
  9. It makes me think that there is only one unique person who writes in the way I write.