In The Beginning It Was All Black And White.

There Use To Be A Black And White Soul.

It Was Very Happy With The Colors It Has. 

It Was So Matured That It Includes All The Colors But So Immature That It Can Exclude All The Colors At The Same Time.

It Existed Everywhere In The Brightest Days As White And In The Darkest Nights As Black.

It Was Just A Monochromatic Soul That Was Just Happy Being The Way It Is.

One Day It Saw A Rainbow.

The Rainbow Was So Beautiful With All The Colors Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange And Red With Featuring Elements Like Vulnerability, Intelligence, Beauty, Generosity, Youth, Obedience And Reforming Nature.

It Feel In Love With The Rainbow.

When It First Touched The Rainbow It Felt Like It Was As Soft As The Rose Petals.

The Smoothness Of That Soul Ignited The Black And White Soul To See The Diverse Colors In The World Rather Than Just Black And White.

When It First Hugged The Rainbow It Felt Like, The Heart Has Skipped A Beat.

Even The Air Found It Difficult To Find A Gap Between Them.

The Black And White Soul, Started Loving The Colors Of The Rainbow.

When It First Kissed The Rainbow It Felt Like, The Time Has Stopped.

A Magical Moment In Which Two Souls Completely Lost In The Perpetual Pleasure Of Being Together.

Finally The Day Has Arrived Where The Black And Soul Got To Know That The Rainbow Was Just A Reflection, Refraction And Dispersion Of Light, Which Was Purely An Illusion Of The Droplets Of Rain.

The Black And White Soul Again Lost All The Colors It Got From Rainbow. A Soul That Loved The Black And White Is Finding It Difficult To Perceive Those Again.

A Soul Who Expressed All His Feelings In Black And White Is Expressionless Now.

The Same Droplets That Created A Rainbow Are Now Coming From The Eyes Of The Black And White Soul, Leading To Chocking And Finally Cessation Of Heart…

The Black And White Didn’t Know That A Rose Always Comes With Thorns That Tears The Heart Into Million Pieces.

It Didn’t Know That The Air That Found It Difficult To Enter Between Them Will Find It Difficult To Enter Into Lungs Someday.

It Didn’t Except That The Time That Felt Like It Stopped During Their Kiss Will Make His Heart Stop At Some Time…

Not Every Story Has A Happy Ending… May Be Its Not About Happy Ending…May Be It Was All About The Story…