Yellow T-Shirt: Chandu… Green T-shirt: Arvind and Blue T-shirt: Sundeep.

This post is all about how me and my friends enjoyed in chilkur in the span of 24 hours.

25th May 2020:

Hey my name is Chandu. Lock down was too hard upon me.

I’m an extrovert and a traveler and covid-19 asked me to stay in the same place for 2 months.

On 23rd May 2020 we decided to go to a friend’s farm house in chilkur.

On 25th May 2020, it was Ramzan for everyone.

6.00 A.M :

I was waiting for Arvind to get in the car so that we can start our journey to chikur.

The journey was around 45 min and the distance was 25 kilometers.

I know I can drive the distance in 25 minutes but we decided to enjoy the moments of travelling.

8.00 A.M:

By the time we reached chilkur, sundeep was sleeping.

And he woke up as soon as we went.

We started to play badminton.

We were playing badminton by dividing ourselves into 3 teams.

3 of us stood in a triangular fashion and our sole goal was to not to drop the shuttle.

We played for half an hour until Arvind fell down breaking his hand.

10.00 A.M:

In meantime, delicious tortillas were ready prepared by sundeep’s mom.

After that as usual we were bored so we wanted to go to mall located around 8 kilometres from the farm house.

We went to that mall and bought a foot ball and thought of playing in the evening.

I bought Vodka and Beer for our night discussions.

We wanted to make a barbecue for the dinner.

As I and Arvind won’t be eating chicken we planned for a mutton barbeque.

As it was Ramzan we had to travel for 30 kilometers just to get a kg of mutton for barbeque.

12.00 P.M:

We reached farm house again.

We cleaned the mutton and the problem is no one knows how to marinate.

Sundeep’s dad applied all the masala required for marinate.

Arvind decided to sleep.

Sundeep was busy with his work from home schedule.

I was watching movie.

Arvind woke up at around 4.30 and we went and bought chips for night.

5.00 P.M:

We had our lunch.

Sundeep wanted to walk through the lenght of Gandipet Lake.

We took Sundeep’s car and started moving towards the lake.

Have your played PUBG?

If yes then you are familiar with miramar.

While we wanted to explore gandipet lake, we had a beautiful video showing a car driving in Miramar map.

Car was parked carefully at the end of the lake.

We wanted to walk from the end of the lake to the beginning of the lake i.e the gandipet dam.
It took around 30 minutes for us to walk and the distance was around 3.2 kilometres.

The best thing about the walk was we got so many beautiful pictures.

It was one of the best trip I had with them.


7.00 P.M:

We came back from the lake and we started cooking barbecue.

It turned out to be too good that I almost ate half.

Thank god Sundeep’s dad marinated it or else I wouldn’t eaten that much.

Thank to Sundeep and Arvind they haven’t poked their hands into cooking part.

We were laughing, smiling, dancing, singing songs and playing music.

Even Sundeep’s parents joined us.

10.00 P.M:

What ever it is the time from 10 to 4 in the morning is our time.

We talk about many things about our lives.

This time it was to discuss about myself.

I was too broken emotionally and it took around 4 hours of continous talk to make me a normal person again.

And after that conversation with my friends I decided to complete my second book, to concentrate on studies and to build my body.

We were just enjoying the trance due to Vodka.

That was just a magic moment.

After that we slept and next day by 8.00 in the morning me and arvind were back in our houses.

This trip taught me life shoudn’t be stuck at a single point.

We have to move on.

There are many magic moments waiting for us to discover them.

I realized I will be finding myself in travelling and writing.

Travelling gave moments to write and cherish.