25th April 2018:

After watching October movie,She told me that I have a surprise.

I wasn’t excited because she broke the promise she made with me.

The promise was that we both we will be enjoying the scenery from the Hyderabad metro by travelling together on our first ride.

But unfortunately her first ride was with her family and i am as a fool maintaining my promise.

This is the reason why I was upset and not even excited.

After that she took to me the nearest metro station and I was still angry at her. It was my first metro ride and she took the ticket.

The time at which the ticket was issued was 13:32:27 and even after a year i still have that ticket with me.

We sat in the metro away from other people but too close to each other.

She held my hand and apologized me for breaking the promise and I was accepted apologize.

There were two reasons why I was at that time.

First thing was obvious that it was my first metro ride with my girlfriend and second thing was it was on that day we got an announcement that the next month the college will closed because of summer vacations.

At the very next station we need to change our metro to reach our destination.

At that metro station there was a Frankie shop.

We took two different frankies but exchanged our frankies after eating the half. I can’t forget that day.

It was that day I realized that love isn’t staying beside each other but I was all about holding on each other.

Whenever there was announcements in the metro stating take care of your belongings she holds my hand so tight and when I asked the reason she told me that I was her belonging and a beloved person.