Depression has become such an important thing in medical history.

What is depression, click on the link to read more.

Now a days more than physical pain most of the people are suffering from mental pain.

This pain is maybe due to emotional trauma, molestation, failure or unemployment.

Whatever the reason it may be every 1 out of 3 are suffering from depression.

In the previous post I wrote about 10 things I do when depressed!

Check it out before going through this post.

In this post I would love to share 10 things not to do when depressed.

The 10 things are

  1. Stop pretending
  2. Self isolating
  3. Listening to sad songs
  4. Drinking alcohol
  5. Over thinking
  6. Lacking compassion
  7. Seeking support
  8. Falling into trap
  9. Forgetting
  10. Feeling sorry

Stop pretending:

The first and foremost thing we do when we are depressed is to pretend that we are okay

But the fact is how come we will be okay thinking about all the things that makes us sad?

So, stop pretending that you are okay and start acknowledging that you are depressed.

Acknowledgement is the first thing to get of past and depression.

Let it be a emotional trauma, depression or something that makes you sad acknowledge that it just happened and you are a victim of it.

Self isolation:

Stop isolating yourself from family, friends and loved ones.

This eventually makes you more sad and depressed.

Try spending time with people who understands your pain and yourself more than you do.

Self isolation makes you to be in the same situation in the same situation for days or even months.

Which isn’t good for your mental health.

Listening to sad songs:

For many of us when depressed we usually listen to sad songs or watch a sad movie.

Trust me they are of no use for you instead watch some funny videos.

By listening/ watching sad things you are again recreating the same situation in your mind.

Recreating the same and same sad situation in mind makes us lethargic.

Being lethargic is again making us fall into depression.

So, here we are inviting depression.

Drinking alcohol:

I know drinking alcohol, smoking and having fun are such a beautiful things in life.

But, don’t drink alcohol when depressed.

I know wine, women and wealth are the three things that makes anyone go mad.

Being in depression is such a mad thing and why do you want to be more mad when you are already mad being depressed?

Alcohol makes our brain to be in trance while we are sad that trance prolongs making us more sad and depressed.

Over thinking:

Overthinking is the main problem people with depression faces.

To stop overthinking we have to keep ourselves busy.

Busy with something that makes us happy at the end of the day.

For me, such things are reading, writing, playing, exercise and mediation.

Find the things that makes you happy and do them everyday.

Lacking compassion:

Compassion is something that makes what we are.

Don’t lack your compassion when you are depressed.

Go out, get ready, become a model, write that book, drive crazily and finally eat well.

Keep yourself burning with compassion.

Maybe you might be thinking to end your life trust me this world needs your compassion to survive.

Seeking support:

Don’t ever stop yourself from seeking support.

There are many people who are ready to help you, for example medical practitioners, psychiatrists and psychologists.

They are many people who helps you if you really want to get helped.

This world isn’t that cruel as you thought and they is humanity which still exists, as of I believe.

Seeking support doesn’t make you weak it actually makes you strongest.

Falling into trap:

Don’t fall into trap that you are going to be in depression for ever.

Depression is just a phase which eventually passes.

I used the word trap because you are responsible for making you depressed.

So, decide what makes you happy and go get them.

For me, writing, photography and travelling makes me happy and I eventually go to them to makes me happy

Now it’s your turn to find yours and make yourself happy.


You know when some one asked whats the best thing god has ever gifted to humans?

The ability to forget.

So, focus yourself on forgetting things that makes you sad.

You know for every minute you can be happy for 60 things happening around you.

Imagine for every minute if you can find one thing that makes you happy, you will be happy the whole day, the whole week, the whole month and the whole year.

Feeling sorry:

Don’t ever feel sad about yourself.

Self pity is the worst thing you can ever gift yourself.

When you can gift yourself with joy, happiness and love. why do you want to gift something makes you feel useless?

Love has the power to change the world and self love has the power to change yourself.

Self loving is the only solution for every or any problem in the world.