Depression is such a common thing for us. Here are the 10 things I do when depressed.

But What is depression, click on the link to read more.

Now a days everyone one out of are suffering from depression.

As such even I am one among them who is suffering from depression.

But I know that I can’t be a victim of depression.

So , today here I will share 10 things I will do everyday to get out of depression.

  1. Planning my day
  2. Getting out of my bed
  3. To interact with another real human being
  4. Reading
  5. Exercise
  6. Feeding
  7. Meditation
  8. Getting myself clean
  9. Save money
  10. To stop over thinking.

Planning my day:

Here is the first thing I do out of 10 when I am depressed.

This is something I do before going to bed everyday.

I plan my next day way in advance, I visualize my next day.

My goals for the next day will be to be happy and not to think about anything that makes me sad.

I make sure that I will show gratitude to god before sleeping.

Planning makes me to do the things in an organized way.

Getting out of my bed:

Though I am depressed, I will make sure that I will get of my bed everyday.

As soon as I get up I will make up my bed.

Which means I accomplished the first task of the day and this motivates me to do the next works

Even if I failed the whole day, I have to come back to the bed which is already made by me.

Simply lying in the bed attracts the negative thinking.

To interact with another real human being:

I will make sure that I will try to interact with at least one real human being every day.

Real here indicates a person who makes you feel better.

A person who can makes you feel better is someone who you actually need to survive the whole day.

Let them be your parents, friends, siblings or loved ones.

Don’t interact with anyone who makes you sad.

Here is a link to the most beautiful moment I have experienced when I was depressed.


The best thing I suggest out of 10 things I do when depressed.

Reading is something that helped me a lot to get of depression.

I will make sure that I will read at least a single page in the whole day.

It will just make me happy to read and learn something everyday.

A book is all about knowledge and experiences of an author.

Those experiences and mistakes make a good person because i don’t repeat them again.


This is another most important thing I personally suggest to people who are depressed.

I understand that while in depression no one wants to exercise.

But trust me exercise helped me a lot to get over things.

After an hour of moderate exercise for a week I could clearing see changes in my life.

I was happy, enthusiastic the whole day and sleeping habits also were improved.


I know while depressed we don’t want to eat anything.

But for me there are 3 things we have to take care about ourselves, our body, mind and soul.

Our body needs exercise to be happy because it releases dopamine.

Our mind needs knowledge and challenges which is the duty of books.

And our soul needs love which we will receive through self caring that is by providing proper food.


The best thing to out when you are in depression.

What ever it is make sure you spend at least 10 minutes with meditation.

Don’t think about anything just concentrate on breathing for 10 fucking minutes in a day.

Trust me that heals you from most of your depression.

Meditation is something that unifies the trinity of body, mind and soul.

Meditation helps you to grow from inside.

Getting myself clean:

While I was in depression cleaning myself was the most toughest thing of the day.

For a 10 minute bath I had to push myself for 24 hours even though I couldn’t do.

But getting up and making myself clean helped me increase my self-esteem.

I couldn’t clearly see that I was happy looking great in my new attire and new clothes.

Getting oneself clean and getting changed to a great look helps us in increasing self-confidence.

Save money:

Most of the people who are in depression are mainly due to lack of money.

Money is the solution for all the problems in our lives.

But earning money isn’t that easy thing, it takes time and efforts.

So everyday I will save at least a 10 dollars so that I don’t have to think about money anymore.

Saving is the most important thing to earn the money.

To stop over thinking:

This is only thing I will not suggest out 10 things when depressed.

Overthinking is the main problem people with depression faces.

To stop overthinking we have to keep ourselves busy.

Busy with something that makes us happy at the end of the day.

For me, such things are reading, writing, playing, exercise and mediation.

Find the things that makes you happy and do them everyday.

Note: remember happiness is a choice and depression is an option.