5th June 2020:


Today, I miss you so much.

I really don’t know what to write about it.

To be honest I miss you every day. 

I miss the way I was when I was with you, happy, true and in the present moment. 

I miss the way you know everything that I feel. 

Around 400 contacts in my mobile but it doesn’t have your contact number. 

Around 2000 pictures in my mobile but there is no picture of mine with you.

I called a few friends but only to talk about you. Even they are angry as this isn’t the first time I am telling you.

If I tell them more about you now even they will miss you.

I really don’t remember how you look, I only remember the bond I share with you. 

There were no lies, no misunderstanding, no judgements and no trust issues in our bond.

I don’t know what to name the bond we share. It was simply I found my serenity in you. 

I can’t call you my friend because I know we are more than friends.

I can’t tell people that I love you because the feelings I have upon you are more than a lusty physical attraction.

We shared about everything we went in our lives from a haunting past to achieving dreams, from family problems to fun with friends. 

You know you are the first person on this earth who made me alive by taking my breath away. 

I won’t take back a single second from the time I waited for you because you are worth waiting for. 

I can still feel your presence around me while walking but I am just used to your absence now. 

Falling for the right person is also a mistake sometimes. 

You are like a beautiful dream and the only I can do is to let you go.

I never believed in soulmates until I met you.

The only thing that separates you from the others is the quality of time we shared. 

Being a hopeless old school romantic, waiting for the right person to meet my unrealistic expectations I found you. 

While writing these lines my eye sockets filled with tears because they miss seeing you. 

I know I won’t be alright any time soon and that’s okay. 

I know I have to lead an imperfectly perfect life with many unanswered questions. 

In the world of right/left swipe, you just swept my feet off.

The journey is as beautiful as the blazing sunset but it is a memory restricted to our hearts.

You taught me that missing is the most beautiful feeling than loving.

The fact that I miss you is I was more of myself when I was with you.

The moments I spent with you are not feeling to fade away; they are memories that stay with me forever. 

I’m blessed to have such beautiful memories with you. You know our story already has a happy ending in my writings. 

You are that guest I will cherish in my life. We are together but not together.

But don’t expect me to bear everything in silence because even waves scream when they hit the shore.

Your presence was just a bolt of lightning that hit me hard and was gone in a flash. 

Amidst all the hopes lies a happy ending because you are mine forever in the temporary world.


-Chandu Writes